Water, Water Everywhere – But is it the Right pH and Charge?

Recently my wife (Madge) and I were introduced to the topic of alkaline / ionized water and it’s potential benefits. I have to admit that I’m a bit of a skeptic about all of this, but I’m willing to admit that alkaline / ionized water may be helpful to some. It’s kind of like giving Benadryl to 100 different people – you’ll get some who are unaffected, some will get sleepy, some will get hyper, etc. Your mileage may vary.


So, on the assumption that alkaline / ionized water may be of some benefit, I dug in to learn more. Here are some highlights…

  1. Drinking alkaline water (typically around pH 9 to 10) is supposed to cure almost anything – including cancer – and prevent you from ever getting it in the first place. The evidence is scarce – I haven’t found any “real” scientific studies – but plenty of anecdotes on individual BLOGs and the web sites of companies selling machines and other products related to making alkaline / ionized water.
  2. Drinking water that is ionized (negative electrical charge) is supposed to have antioxidant properties – preventing or repairing cell damage, etc.
  3. Alkaline / ionized water is supposed to more easily hydrate the body, possibly improving overall health and well-being

OK – again, is any of that true? Well for some people, the benefits seem real. It’s hard to tell if it is because they are simply drinking more WATER (and less coffee, Coke, etc.), because of a placebo effect, or a real effect of the water. But hey, if it works for some, then it might be worth trying – if you are willing to pay the “entry fee.” What’s the entry fee? You have to be willing to spend around $1,000 to 2,000 depending on brand, models, and features for a machine that changes water pH and ionizes it. (One multi-level marking organization sells their machine for almost $4,000, ouch.) There are some lower cost entries that only modify water pH (not charge) and sell for $400 or less.


Human Guinea Pigs

My wife and I have decided to give this whole water thing a try. Will alkaline / ionized water improve our health, have no effect, or a negative effect? Only time will tell. We are fortunate that a very close friend gave us one of the top machines as he changed to another brand/model. So our “entry fee” was paid. We’ve been using the water for about two weeks – and we both feel better and are sleeping better. I’m still suspicious that it has more to do with dropping junk drinks and drinking more water (which is nicely filtered by the way.)

Now and then I’ll make more comments about our progress and any changes we note.

Other Things We Have Learned

Water flow rate and the pH of local water into the machine does affect the pH and charge of the water produced as output. The only way to be sure of the output water pH is to measure it. A good digital pH meter costs about $10 from Amazon. In our experience, you can store alkaline water (in water safe containers) for weeks and it will maintain its high pH.

However, the negative charge imparted to the water by the machines is easily lost. Leaving a container of water open to the air for just a few hours will result in complete loss of the negative change. Even a very full, sealed container will not prevent loss of charge (though it may take a couple of days.) If you care about charged (ionized) water, it’s best to drink it as soon after you produce it as you can. A good digital meter that can read charge (called ORP) and pH is about $100 from Amazon.

Madge found an interesting article regarding pH and ORP at http://www.health-science-spirit.com/highorp.html . It’s a very worthwhile read.

Buyer Beware

If you plan to try alkaline / ionized water, do your homework. There are tons of resources on the internet, most prepared by companies selling equipment and accessories – not independent scientific organizations. You will find plenty of wild claims (snake-oil anyone?) I think the only definitive way to know how this “special” water will affect you is to try it. Ask around and you probably find a friend or relative with a machine that can make some alkaline / ionized water for you to try. Local dealers and MLMs will give you water, too, but be prepared for the hard sell. If you really want to take the plunge, most machines have a 30 or 60 day return period (read the fine print BEFORE you buy).

Let Me (Us) Know

If you have experience with alkaline / ionized water, send me a note and let me know how it has worked for you.


One comment on “Water, Water Everywhere – But is it the Right pH and Charge?

  1. I tried the water for 3 weeks, but did not experience any benefits to speak of, other than cleaner bowel movements. I’m sure that getting off soft drinks is a huge benefit, but I don’t hardly drink them anyway. It may be that since I was loading 5 gallons at a time, I lost the charge in the water by the 3rd day. I have read articles on Ph numbers over 8.5 and generally, it was stated it’s not good to be there. So, I believe water is absolutely the best liquid for your body, purified, and at mid range Ph levels. The rest is just a war of words or salesmanship……

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