Stop JawBone Up Band Cap Loss

If you have an Up Band from JawBone, you know it is a pretty neat tool for tracking your exercise, sleep, food consumption, etc. But the band has one really annoying feature and that is the snap-on end cap that protects the little sync plug. The cap has a habit of popping lose when you least expect it and is easily lost. You can get a replacement from JawBone or on EBay, but that is a hassle and gets expensive.

I have an easy fix that secures the cap, but does not interfere with removing it to sync your band. You simply need a short piece of 5/16″ black latex surgical tubing. It happens to be the right diameter to provide a nice friction fit and the grippiness (is that a word?) of the latex helps keep it in place. The longer the piece of tubing you use, the better the cap is held in place, but detracts somewhat from the bands appearance. I suggest a 1″ piece is a good choice.

You simply slip the tubing over the band a bit and insert the cap till it snaps in place. The tubing will do the rest. When you need to sync your band, pinch the tubing a little as you grasp the cap and it will come off with the cap. Sync your band then slide the cap and tubing right back in place.

It works! Impossible to lose a cap? No. But it’s a whole lot harder to do!

Enjoy your JawBone Up!

BTW You can find 5/16″ black latex surgical tubing at fishing supply stores, dive shops, aquarium stores, medical supply companies, etc. You need so little, they may just give it to you.


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