Recent Press About tDCS – Word IS Getting Out!

tDCS is a tremendous thing!  I’ve written a lot about it, built research devices, and read a lot of research. Click on tDCS at the top to see my articles.

Finally, finally – word is getting out.  As more experience it’s benefits, a tipping point will be reached and tDCS may become a treatment as common as aspirin.  You should check out these articles from blogs and the press:

1. Could Scalp Electrodes Switch Off Depression?

PHOTO: Linda Koenig

(From ABC News on the web)

2. Electrical current therapy plus sertraline effective in treating MDD

3. Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Plus SSRI Effective for MDD

4. Electrical Brain Stimulation Plus Drug Fights Depression: Study

5. Electrodoping with Transcranial Electrical Stimulation – Fact or Fiction?

6. Interview with Dr. Jim Fugedy of the Brain Stimulation Clinic in Atlanta


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