Cool tDCS Headset from

It’s no secret that I’m frustrated by how hard it is to get the tDCS ball rolling as an accepted, working, safe technology that can improve the lives of millions (and save a bunch of lives, too.) Apparently others agree and are working diligently to bring tDCS devices to market – working as best they can to avoid the “medical device” label that drags the FDA into the loop.

I mentioned the rather creative very low current DC supply from in my last post. This week, great news came from that they are taking orders for their new, really cool tDCS headset. It sells for about $250 and has a tDCS accessory kit that adds $50 to the price. Deliveries are scheduled to start in July. The Foc.US device looks good, has a great feature set, and allows you to control it directly or with an iOS device! It’s marketed as a gamer enhancement device but has an accessory kit for full tDCS capability.

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By SpeakWisdom

3 comments on “Cool tDCS Headset from

  1. I’m not sure I like this device. It looks like something designed by a marketing exec high on some controlled substance. As far as the tDCS basics are concerned, it looks wrong.
    I have no idea who came up with using a Bluetooth version that only 4S+ iPhones support, and what the hell is up with that electrode placement and the weird impulse modes (that weren’t tested too much in clinical trials AFAIK).
    Still if it makes publicity for tDCS, it’s a good thing… But I really hope it won’t be the wrong kind of publicity.

  2. I just received my a few days ago. Really simple to use. Not the same tDCS that I am hearing from everyone else, but they also advertise that it is just for gamers as it fires up the prefrontal lobe.

    I did get the extra pack with the external electrodes so I should be able to do full tDCS as soon as I learn where to place the electrodes for best results.

  3. The fit is poor and unfortuneately not adjustable making electrode placement difficult. The electrodes are a bit small, so it’s critical to get them fitting flat to the head otherwise you might get some burning sensation; I suspect because the current is channeling through a smaller area if the electrode happens to be a bit tilted with restpect to the skin surface. The behaviour of mine is erratic in that it’s difficult to select the mode you want and get it to stay there. I suspect the control circuitry is malfunctioning on mine because it’s not behaving quite like the book says, although sometimes it’s hard to tell as the booklet is not very well written and lacking in detail. Not surprising for a launch product I suppose. I think they should have kept it simple and stuck with manual switch controls which would make selecting current level and mode much easier. Three current levels and three modes would have been fine; and also fully adjustable arms with electrodes about 50% larger.

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