Not in the Box: The SpeakWisdom Guide to Using the tDCS Headset

If you own or plan to buy a tDCS headset, you may be interested in the guide to using the headset that I have posted.  The guide is an excellent walk-through of basic use and setup of this excellent product.  Whether your interested in improving memory, learning, performance on games, or relief from depression or chronic pain, tDCS may be right for you.  The headset provides a very capable, affordable way to give tDCS a try.


See the link on the right side of the main page of for your FREE copy of the guide.

I invite your comments and suggestions on the guide.




9 comments on “Not in the Box: The SpeakWisdom Guide to Using the tDCS Headset

  1. Hi there, just got my delivered with the accessory pack and I did not find anywhere info on where exactly to place the additional electrodes. Anyone knows?

  2. Hey

    Your guides have helped me a ton with setting everything up – unfortunately the external electodes that come with the device don’t last that long and doesn’t seem to sell any replacements! I checked but they seem to only have the electrodes with the short wires that come out for tens devices 0 could you recommend a source of electrodes? (ideally shipping to canada :))

    Thanks a lot

  3. Brent-
    Help! Just got the fo.cus unit and your setup directions don’t seem to be working. I held the “touch button” in for two seconds and the unit went into the “Ready” state and began flashing. I then tapped the touch-button twice, like you directed, and the fo.cus light just flashes once about every 5 seconds and seems to never go into the CURRENT settings as you described. I’ve tried it at least a dozen times to no avail.

    Any troubleshooting ideas?

  4. Not sure what to think of Foc.Us, they are lax to say the least at replying to Help by email, they do not answer the phone and they do not have voicemail. Rather disconcerting to say the least.

    I don’t doubt your sincerity, knowledgeable opinions and high regard for the V2 but would like to know if your site is receiving any remuneration the reviews?

    • I get no remuneration – in fact I don’t even have advertising on my site (other than what WordPress sticks on there.) I return review samples to the manufacturer or if they don’t want it back, I give it away.

      I agree that must do a better job of supporting their product (as I indicated in the blog) or they won’t get a third chance. I’ll be watching for comments from V2 purchasers to see if learned their lessons. Hope so.


    • I can only say that they’ve got better on this over the time. I was quite disappointed with the support I was getting for the 1st version (at the beginning – one of the first units delivered to Europe), even considering to return it, but they really improved both support and development of new versions of iOS app. I shall receive v2 on Monday 5th 😉

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