Gentle Depression Relief Without Drugs

LIFTiD tDCS headset. (image from LIFTid)

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) now has a long track record of safely relieving depression symptoms for thousands of individuals worldwide. In fact, the European Union, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and Singapore have approved tDCS for a variety of brain related treatments. In the US, tDCS is still considered “investigational” by the FDA – but has been studied extensively – and that work continues. Check out for a bit of background.

Developed by a Harvard neurosurgeon, LIFTiD ( is a new, very easy to use tDCS device that can provide side-effect-free depression relief at low cost. Caputron ( is running a $50 special on this great tDCS device that normally sells for a good price of $150 (enter the code LIFTID at checkout.)

Image result for liftid tdcs
LIFTiD is a complete kit (including a case not shown) ready to go.

I’ve tested the LIFTiD headset and find that it works as described at the company website. It is easy to prepare for use, has one-button to activate or cancel a session, and supplies the current (1.3 mA) and voltage (max 22 v) specified. Be aware that LIFTiD is marketed as a device to “boost the brains potential” – probably to avoid FDA scrutiny – but uses a common depression treatment electrode placement. The electrodes on the LIFTiD are quite large, so they are comfortable and less likely to cause irritation.

Want to read more about tDCS? See my articles at If this technology is new to you, I suggest starting with

Seek professional help if at all possible. In any case, do your homework and make sure you understand what tDCS is. Does it work for everyone? No. But it works well for many!

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