When I was a kid growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, I listened with fascination to the propaganda transmitted by Radio Moscow, Radio Peking, and others via my trusty Hallicrafters shortwave radio. I was amazed that communist governments thought the lies and misinformation they were broadcasting to the world would be believed.

Today I am just as fascinated (and saddened) that a significant portion of the US population believes the propaganda coming out of lying congressional democrats (and republicans) and the “media”. They have done such incredible damage to the US and the world in just the last few years – with no end in sight.

Our national politicians and “media” are now no better than the propaganda stations I listened to so long ago – they lie with such ease.

As you ponder upcoming elections, may I suggest ranking candidates (and media reporting) based on four C’s… Character, Courage, Competence, and Compassion.

God help us all.


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