Improve Your Life – Goal Setting Will Really Help!

Happy 2013!

It’s time for all those soon to be forgotten resolutions and purchases of expensive exercise equipment that will rapidly fill basements and attics. Want to do something different this year that will REALLY change your life?

OK – no yawning now – you need to get serious about Goal Setting. I can help you with goal setting and make it simple and doable!

Goal Setting

Madge and I have been goal setters for a long time. We meet periodically to discuss goals and take a look at where we are on the goals we have already set. Are we perfect at this? No. Nobody is. But depending on how seriously we focus on them, we achieve 50-80% of our goals every year. Doesn’t sound impressive? Well most Americans achieve 100% of no goals – so I think we are doing ok.


(Madge and I became debt free years ago through goal setting.)

How to Set and Achieve Meaningful Goals

You and your spouse should sit quietly and brainstorm what you would like to accomplish in the coming year. If this is your first time doing real goal-setting, limit yourself to 10 big goals. Here are some sample categories and goals:


Our net worth has risen 15% in 2013.
We are debt free in 2013.


I have read the entire Bible in 2013.


I have improved my value to my company by 25% in 2013.
I have taken two classes in 2013 that improved my value to my company.


Our family met for one hour every week to discuss goals.
We watched no more than 1 hour of TV per day in 2013.


We spent a week at the beach without incurring debt in 2013.


I spent 2 hours, 3 days a week, on my treadmill in 2013. (Am I crazy? See below.)

Notice that goals are written AS IF THEY HAVE BEEN ACCOMPLISHED. Once you have a good list, print it and post it on the refrigerator. Try hard to meet regularly (once a week is ideal, once a month will do) to discuss progress. Feel free to add, modify, or delete goals as seems appropriate.

Does this work? The mere fact that you have established goals and take time to discuss them will set your subconscious in motion – you will accomplish a significant number of your goals. Try it! Test me!


OK – let’s be honest, most Americans are way overweight and not very healthy. Exercise is one way to turn this around. But exercise for most is a pain, boring, and takes too much time! So how about something REALLY EASY that REALLY WORKS?

Some years ago, researchers at the Mayo Clinic determined that simply walking a few hours a week makes a HUGE difference in weight and health. I happen to be a BIG FAN of walking on my treadmill while I work. Huh? It’s easy! All you need is any old treadmill (easy to get via Craigslist for $100 or less) and a work surface that you build or buy.


(You can add a work surface to any treadmill with scraps of wood.)

You get on the treadmill, set it for a comfortable walking speed, and work (write, make calls, read, etc.) Your body will adapt within minutes and you will forget you are walking. So you are doubly productive – you are getting healthy (losing weight) while getting some things done. Perfect! Easy! Try it! Test me! BTW there are plenty of videos on the web about treadmill desk use.  Check out some to help you get inspired.


(Commercial work surfaces are also available. )


Goal setting web sites might be helpful to you. Do a Google search on Goal Setting – you will find plenty of ideas and advice. Check out Madge’s blog, too.

Challenge: Try goal setting for one year and you will be amazed at what a difference it can make in your life.

This year, do something that will really change your life: GOAL SETTING.