User-Built tDCS Research Device

I’ve been tinkering with tDCS for several months now – including doing lots of reading and building of prototype devices.  I also have a number of friends who are giving it a try.  Along the way I’ve learned a number of things that could be useful to others:

1. Read, read, read.  Lots of tDCS articles and dialog are on the web and more every day.

2. Seek professional help with tDCS if at all possible.  For example www.

3. Safety first! Read mine and other articles about tDCS safety.

4. The popular ActivaDose II seems to be a good device for tDCS – a bit “edgy” in its current regulation – which may be irritating to some

5. tDCS devices built around the LM334 seem to work very well and provide very smooth adjustments to current level

6. Information on treatment montages is a bit scattered, but getting better (see my doc below for a start)

In conjunction with the above, here is the schematic I use to build devices to tinker with.  There are many other designs on the web.

User Built tDCS Research Device - Brent feb 2013

(This is my favorite design.  Simple, smooth, works.)


(Almost done.  A bit more soldering…)


(Completed except for labeling. Simple, solid, reliable!)


(Digital meter in place of analog.)


(Same basic design, just digital mA meter.)

And finally, here is a link to a bit of doc I’ve written for use with the home-built tDCS research device and ActivaDose II.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.