Citizen: Scientist – tDCS Podcast

Hi Everyone –

My nephew has started a new Podcast to compete with RadioLab – he hopes 🙂

The latest one is a great intro to tDCS – it is an interview of me and is very well done!

Check it out at:

Please pass along the link!

Citizen:Scientist Podcast - biofuturist


4 thoughts on “Citizen: Scientist – tDCS Podcast

  1. I’ll give a listen…any change you can have it downloadable as an mp3 file? I don’t like itunes or Apple for that matter. Most podcasters are providing this option. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the information you post here. I’m very interested in controlling my own consciousness!

  3. hi. i am building your circuit. simple. it works. but we have problem here. V=IxR 12 volt, skin resistance between 1 mega ohm to 12 mega ohm (in different locations and distance) i mesured the skin resistance, i do not trust these web sites that they say it is 5 K Ohm. it is in the range of mega ohm,mnot k o. therefore, even if you connect the electrodes of a 12 volt battery directly to skin, the current is between 0.01 mili amp to 0.001 mili amp. no fuss. no fuse necessary. even without those resistors. skin resistance is good enough to limit the current. but eh, i use the regulator and 470 ohm. why? i am not sure. none is necessary. perhaps because if i change my pads later the new ones might make batter contact to skin and carry more amp. present pads are from TENS machine and resistance is in range of mega ohm. any comment? thanks.

    1. You hit on the issue. Using saline wetted sponge electrodes, the resistance of the skin is mostly overcome. Current limiting is essential to prevent injury!


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