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26 thoughts on “tDCS

  1. Hi I was wondering – in light of the pending release of if you would be open to perhaps shipping me (even as a temporary loan if you prefer) one of your easy to buil tDCS modesl i.e. In a bottle; I am very curious to see how this experience contrasts with the more traditional medication approach and would like to try it myself but (a) even the pre-order price tag is too high for me right now and (b) since it seems very easy for you to build one-I would rather pay you a far more reasonable cost for one of the models that you have already built and tested for yourself and are not using. please feel free to contact me via email with your thoughts; i am also open to paying for shipping as well-as long as the fee you request is reasonable-if you are (I reside in the States by the way)
    and of course i would be a safe user as i have perused through your rather comprehensive and well written blog

    thanks! and keep up the good work through your blog- I too think tDCS for the time being be a niche thing- much like many different alternative health based supplements out there that are simply not FDA compliant

      1. This item is no longer for sale per the link you provided. They say they are working on a hand held unit but have not noted when it might be available or how they will notify interested parties when it is available. 😦

  2. Hi, i have the device and would like to thank you for the detailed out the box guide.
    Would please show how to make a HD tDCS
    electrode for the device. It looks with lot of promise for enhanced performance
    also in my device the lower right electrode bites/stings more than the rest. Is there way i could check the output with a digital multimeter just to check if it is balanced.
    In the your guide you do say you have checked it. but how?
    Please do consider and revert thanks in advance.

    1. I check my headset with a DVM, using it’s probes in contact with the metal disks in the headset. I’ve also built a “simulated head” for testing all tDCS devices.


  3. So what is your verdict for the device?
    Is it worth getting?
    I’m not seeing too many reviews on it.

    How effective is it, in let’s say learning enhancement?


    1. I find the headset to be a very good product. Perfect? No, but in MHO it works well for it’s intended purpose. Learning enhancement is one of the things I find it helps.


  4. Hi again
    HD tDCS electrode please in DIY
    sortex done lot of research on them you know obviously
    pls the new guide 2.2 stops loading after 1.95 mb

  5. I’ve seen pictures of the that shown the four electrodes on the forhead. Are there alternate placements (montage’s) for different effects?

  6. do you know about the Cephaly device which has been FDA/HealthCanada approved for treatment and prevention of migraine. I am interested to know if the would be usable for this as well. It is less costly and seems to be more flexible in its use. What do you think?

  7. Hi.
    Really appreciate your blog. Have you tried / tested the “the brain stimulator” device? Also, maybe I have missed it, but I can’t find any clear advice on making your own sponge electrodes. Is a 2″ square sponge and an alligator clip sufficient? Thanks in advance for any advice.

    1. I have no experience with the “brain stimulator”. However it appears to be typical of a simple tDCS design based on a 9 volt battery and voltage regulator circuit.

      Using an alligator clip connected to a sponge is risky. If the metal from the clip comes in contact with skin or scalp during a tDCS session, you could receive a burn. Better to use Amrex sponges which are available at Amazon and almost any medical supply house. A little pricey, but well made.


  8. I built the tDS Research Device using the schematic on this site (LM334 model). When I use my analog VOM Simpson meter, the current won’t go any lower than around .75mA and will go as high as about 4.5mA. I have a 470 Ohm resistor for a load on the electrode leads but it doesn’t seem to change the current much whether the leads are a direct short.

    Is that typical and a normal function. I’ve checked and double checked but maybe I’ve missed something. Turning the pot down all the way isn’t essentially and “off” position? Reducing current to zero.

    Great info on this site. Thanks!


    1. Guess a little spell check wouldn’t hurt.

      I meant to ask what is the specific current “range” one would typically get by turning the potentiometer full circle? I get .75mA at the lowest end of the pot, and up to about 4.5mA on the high end of the pot.

      1. The range you see is pretty typical with no load. Test it with a 1 to 2 k ohm resistor to see what it looks like with a real load.


    2. No – typical range is 0.5 to 3.5 mA – but some variation due to components is not surprising. My experience is that head resistance and battery wear keep the numbers lower.


  9. Thanks for you interesting site. In reading about tDCS devices, especially the more expensive ones, some offer the ability to pulse the current at different frequencies. I did a (brief) search on the pulse feature and couldn’t find any good information. What is your take on that?

  10. Could you PLEASE tell me the names of 1 or more books I could order that show good pictures of electrode placement montages (for depression mainly + bi-polar would be helpful too). I don’t have a printer for my computer and am nervous about just remembering the pictures in case my computer breaks down. Thank you so much.

    1. I don’t know of any such books. Most tDCS material is so new that it is in electronic form only.

      Some of the research posted at might be helpful. Also google searching for tDCS montages will help you locate what others have done so far with electrode placements.


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